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Closing costs or settlement costs are an accumulation of separate charges paid to different entities for the professional services associated with the buying and selling of real estate.
Some of the items associated with the closing costs are:

Title Insurance Premium
Fee paid by an individual to ensure he has a marketable title or (in case of a lender) to ensure its lien position.

Real Estate Commission
Fee paid to a real estate company for services rendered in listing, showing, selling and consummating the transfer of property.

Transfer and Assumption Charges
Fees charged by a lender to allow a new purchaser to assume an existing loan.

Recording Fees
Fees assessed by a county recorder's office for recording the documents of a real estate transaction.

Processing/Loan Fees
Fees charged by a lender in connection with the processing of a new loan. These may include points, origination fee and credit report.

Escrow Fees
Fees charged by a title and/or escrow company for services rendered in preparing documents necessary in the consummation of a real estate transaction.

Additional Settlement
Taxes, insurance, impounds, interest prorations and termite inspection fees.
Your Fidelity National Title Escrow Officer will be happy to review the above and other closing costs with you and explain them before you finalize your transaction and take ownership of your property.

Title Insurance
Just how much is the title insurance going to cost you? Not as much as you probably think. Only a small percentage of closing fees are actually for title insurance protection. Title insurance is usually less that 1 percent of the purchase price of your property and less than 10 percent of your total closing costs.

Although title insurance is a highly labor-intensive business, requiring skilled personnel and the storage of data, in some cases dating back over a hundred years, we at Fidelity National Title have continued to find new more efficient ways of delivering our services to you.
For more information, contact Fidelity National Title or your Fidelity National Agent.

We encourage you to compare title insurance rates. We think you will find that Fidelity National Title’s rates are among the most favorable in the title insurance industry.